Between now and 2025

Data collection project

To be able to advise the CISSS adequately, the advisory committee wishes to :

  • Identify the health service needs of Gaspesians and Magdalen Islanders;
  • Characterise the health services offered to them (accessibility, quality, etc.); and
  • Prioritise health issues for women in the territory.

To this end, CIRADD was mandated to work with the members of the committee to draw up a portrait of the health needs and services offered to women. With this portrait, the committee hopes to nourish its reflection, prioritise its efforts and orient its actions for the years to come.

Three data collection needs were identified in the process :

  1. Document the realities and needs of caregivers in GÎM region;
  2. Document the needs of women in the region in terms of mental health services and care; and
  3. Document systemic racism against migrant women users of the health and social services network.


A status report on the health of women on the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands was produced by CIRADD.


For more information, consult our status report